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Mac Complaint
Saturday, 4 June 2005
I got a Mini probably because I was sick of viruses and spyware, and constantly having to wonder what unauthorized programs were digging all up in my personal business.

I thought going over to a new G4 1.48 Ghz processor would be in effect no different from running XP on a 1600 MHZ Athlon XP
(a computer I purchased in 2002)
Dang. Was I wrong there.
1. Access to applications is haphazard.
The start menu is simple and sweet. OS X you have to open the hard drive,
go to your Application folder and scroll (often latent scroll reacting) until you've found the program you want to run.
2. In OS X, windows open and close with a huge delay.
In XP they close as soon as you hit the "Close" button and not a moment after.
3. File menu access requires knowlege of shortcut keys. In Windows you simply access any application's menu bar by holding Alt and the letter of the menu's name. OS X has no such direct access at all like this.
- There is no shortcut way to reach a menu.
- Sub Menu items are all assigned to quick keys. With a Windows prog., A sipmle Alt + F gives you immediate and visual access to all file menu options. Apple menus require that you memorize the quick key for all of your submenus. This is awkward and confusing and more often than anything you'll be mousing over to the top of the computer to open file names.
5. Finder is slow compared to Search in windows... Bottom line.
6. Menus are tricky in OS X. They appear and dissapear at the most precise point of your mouse.
In Windows you never have to think about loosing a menu. You just click it, it's there and it won't abandon your mouse.
7. The Dock in OS X is a dumb, uniformative unuseful way of getting applications organized.
The taskbar in windows is there, you know the name of the prgram running and don't have to think about "which picture is being used by my current running apps? Let me mouse over each one and see what they are saying."
8. The genie and other minimize effect is sloppy and runs slowly.
In Windows you minimize and Bam. There it is on the bar for you. OS X requires a bizzare unintiutive "hiding" method of window management. You have to go to the dock, right click the item, open the trickily clicked menu (see 6) find the "Hide" option once you're there. After all that you have hidden a program. What a wash.
9. In Windows, applications are easily maximized and you're not distracted by layers of multiple sized windows behind it.
Be prepared to be constantly rearranging windows applications, hiding them showing them, and resizing them to always correctly fit your need.
10. Any given OS X application is going to take up about 15+ megs of ram easy. Text Edit, the OS X answer to Windows' Notepad takes up some 20 megs. For a text app?? I don't even think MS Word on the PC uses quite that? It was very extremely hard for me to use up 512 megs of ram on a PC. In OS X you'll be topping out that 512 after running a couple of extremely simple programs, and maybe Firefox (60 whopping megabytes) and Safari (more or less 60 megs).
11. Web browsing is tedious for OS X.
Scrolling through a web site you will immediately see there is some kind of bad rendering problem with most browsers (although IE for Mac doesn't have this problem oddly). A page in Windows flips up and down without a single breath.
12. I realize this has always been how a Macintosh handles it's application menu, but it's a royal pain in the rear to have to leave the actual application you're on, to the Menu bar at the top of the entire screen. Why would you do this? It just seems only normal to let the users get their menus ON THE PROGRAM ITSELF, not off on some remote detatched planet up there at the top.
14. OS X uses an overabundance of garish type looking eye candy in it's interface.
It's not at all functional. It's tricky.
It's a general lack of feedback on what you're doing.

Having said ALL of that, I still say Windows is a total pile of garbage because of it's virus succeptability, adware and spyware.
OS X needs no virus or adware or spyware protection. It simply doesn't exist on a Macintosh. You never ever have to wonder if you're being watched on a Mac. It's just that safe. Period.

If money is no object to you, perhaps a high end G5 with a gig or so of ram will solve some of these problems.

And while web browsing you can be prepared to get the spinning color "beachball" on even the more simple flash applications. For for example, a seemingly simple little program like Flash Chat or Java Chats can be so tedious you'll find yourself running them just by themselves so as not to slow everything else you are running down too much. Don't worry about tabbed browsing much either, you'll be dragged around by the tedium of this also.

I used to think Windows was junky and bloated, but OS X is dumb over simplified and left handed.

Posted by at 3:12 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 4 June 2005 3:21 PM EDT

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